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LAU Rally Paper: “Drive Tech-Know-Logically”

April 30, 2011
Byblos campus


You will spend a day full of fun, solving riddles, playing interactive games, testing your driving skills, and trying to be first in this cultural competition. Not only will you be enjoying your time, but you’ll also be competing for the first place and the prices that come with it. Teams of participants have to travel around the Lebanese coast and reach specific checkpoints by solving riddles. The rally also contains cultural questions, treasure hunts, logic questions, and interactive activities. The winning team will be the one gathering the most points at these activities/questions.

The event is open to LAU students, staff, faculty and alumni. For registration, pass by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Fee: $40 per car

The event, the first of its kind at LAU, is organized by LAU’s Dean of Students Office, in collaboration with the Byblos Campus Student Council and all student clubs.

For more information and registration, check this website.

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