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  June 26, 2001

Time Track 1 Track 2
8:00 AM T01: UML T05: Data Mining
11:30 AM T07: .NET -
3:00 PM T06: XML -
6:30 PM T02: E-Commerce T08: Protocol Testing


To learn how the Unified Modeling Language (UML) can be used in the software development process.


• Overview of software engineering and software development life cycle models

• Concepts for object-oriented software

• The Unified Modeling Language

- Behaviroal Modeling
- Structural Modeling
- Architectural Modeling

• Modeling Distributed Software Systems:

- Electronic Commerce Systems
- Communication Protocols

Who should attend
Engineers, systems analysts, technical managers, programmers, IT professionals, managers, researchers.

Kassem Saleh
American University of Sharjah
Dept. of Computer Science
Email: ksaleh@aus.ac.ae

T02: Electronic Commerce


• Introduction
• Business Models
• System's Approach
• Overview of EC Research Areas
• Software Engineering Research
• Unified Modeling Language
• Requirements Capture
• Architecture
• Testing
• Agents
• Technology Transfer
• Conclusions

Required Background: Undergraduate software engineering

Kassem Saleh
Dept. of Computer Science
American University of Sharjah
Email: ksaleh@aus.ac.ae

T05: Data Mining In E-Business Environment

This Tutorial provides answers to the following basic questions:

• What is data mining?
• How is data mining used in E-Business environment today?
• Why use data mining?
• Which vendors are in the data-mining market?
• Where do you go to find information on data mining?
• How do you data mine?


Topic 1 : Introduction to Data Mining
Topic 2 : Getting Started with Data Mining
Topic 3 : The Data-Mining Process
Topic 4 : Data-Mining Algorithms
Topic 5 : Business Applications of Data Mining
Topic 6 : Enabling Data Mining Through Data Warehouses

Required Background of Target Audience

• Business Professionals
• Database Administrators
• Marketing Analysts
• Students
• Systems Analysts and Consultants

Teh Ying Wah
University of Malaya
Email: tehyw@mail.tarc.edu.my

T06: XML

Giving a practical experience in the development of XML applications.


• Understanding the technology of XML
• The use of XML DTDs and libraries
• Writing XML applications and
• Understanding how to write XML DTDs

Required Background of Target Audience:
The course is designed for people with good technical skills who already
have some understanding of HTML.

Mona Laroussi
Teacher & Researcher at INSAT (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées et de la Technologie), Tunisia
Email: mona.laroussi@planet.tn

T07: Microsoft .NET

To present this new platform that enables developers to create a new
generation of internet software and services.


1. .NET The Future
2. Products - Servers & Applications
3. Development - Visual Studio .NET

Waleed Heloo
Microsoft Regional Technical manager
E-Mail: waleedh@microsoft.com

T08: Testing of Communication Protocols and Software

Testing is an important step in the development cycle of both communication protocols and distributed software systems. In our research group, a lot of work has been directed towards testing these systems. This work was guided, supported, and adopted by our research and industrial collaborators as Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO), IBM, Nortel Networks, MITEL, and Rational. Based on this work and on our other industrial experience in this domain, we will introduce various industrial strength methods, languages, and tools used for test planning, derivation, management, execution, and fault diagnosis. Practical application areas such as E commerce testing and conformance testing will also be discussed. Finally, we will include our recommendations for effective and efficient practical test strategies.


I - Motivation- Need for testing

II- Black Box Test Design and Derivation Methods

III-White Box, Code Based Control and Data Flow Testing

IV-Key Application Areas
    1. Conformance testing
    2. E-commerce testing

V-Industrial-Strength Testing
    1. Robustness testing
    2. Load and stress testing
    3. Reliability testing
    4. Configuration testing
    5. Test specification languages
    6. Testing Tools and Vendors

VI-Management Issues in Testing Communications Software
    1. Test management and Planning
    2. Writing test plans and test cases
    3. Executing test cases
    4. Fault Diagnosis

VII-Conclusions and Recommendations

Robert Probert, Khaled El-Fakih, Alan Williams
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada
Email: bob@site.uottawa.ca, kelfakih@site.uottaw.ca,

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