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Workshop on "Software for the Arabic Language"
June 25, 2001 starting at 2:00 PM

List of accepted papers

  1. Application Intelligent Matching to automatic speech Recognition
    Abdelkarim Khireddine
    Uni. A/Mira of Bejaia, Algeria

  2. The behaviour of the Boyer-Moore-Horspool Algorithm on Arabic Texts
    Abid Jazaa
    University of Qatar, Qatar

  3. Internet and Arabic language: situation and perspective
    Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou
    LAIRS LAB, Tunisia

  4. Comuter Research Assisted Lebanese Legal Document
    Mahmoud Rammal, Mona Al-Achkar-Jabbour, Phillip Nabhan, Rita Bousaleh
    Lebanese University, Lebanon

  5. Patterning legal Language: Analysis' structures
    Mahmoud Rammal, Mona Al-Achkar-Jabbour
    Lebanese University, Lebanon

  6. Arabic language tools in an apprenticeship environment
    O. Oualhi, M.T.Laskri
    Universite de Annaba, Algeria

  7. Automatic Connectivity Testing for Arabic Nastaliq Font
    Siamek Rezaei, Syed Hyder, Abdul Hasan Ahsan, Gerald Ratzer
    McGill University, Canada

  8. An acoustical based approach for Arabic syllables recognition
    H. Bahi, M. Sellami
    Universite de Annaba, Algeria

  9. El Bayane: A Case Based Tool for Information Rerieval
    Nabila Nouaouria, Fadila Atil, Djamel Bouyaya, AbdelHamid Amari
    Universite de Annaba, Algeria

  10. Toward an Arabic Check Amounts Recognition System
    Labiba Souici-Meslati, Mokhtar Sellami
    Universite de Annaba, Algeria

  11. Arabic Documents Indexing and Classification Based on Latent Semantic Analysis and Self-Organizing Map
    Chafic Mokbel, Hanna Greige, Charles Sarraf, Mikko Kurimo
    University of Balamand, Ericcson, Helsinki University of Technology

  12. Using Recurrent Neural Networks with Deep Dynamics for Arabic OCR
    Hesham Soultan
    The National Institute For Standards, Egypt

  13. Omnifont Arabic Optical Character Recognition System
    Bassam Kurdy
    Higher Institute for Applied Science, Syria

  14. Recognition of Printed Arabic Mathematical Documents
    A. Kasem
    ENSI_RIADI, Tunisia

  15. A Connectionist approach for syntactic structures analysis of Arabic
    K. Haned
    Universite de Annaba, Algeria

  16. Compression of handwritten Arabic characters using mathematical vector model
    Denis Popel, Taher Ali Muhammed, Nawar Al Hakeem
    University of Wollongong, Australia.

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