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Fourth Annual AUSACE International Conference
Draws International Recognition

At least 100 academics, media representatives, students and others attended an international conference at LAU geared at promoting civil society in the third millennium.

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“Communication for the 21st Century: Building a Civil Society” kicked off a year of activities marking the university’s 75th anniversary and drew an impressive groups of participants to the Beirut campus in October.

The Arab-U.S. Association for Communication Educators organized the event, under the patronage of President Emile Lahoud, in cooperation with LAU's own Institute for Professional Journalists and the Center for International Media Education based at Georgia State University.

The fourth such conference featured, among others, LAU alumna and CNN star Octavia Nasr who chaired a panel on communication and gender. Ms. Nasr is a senior international editor and broadcaster for CNN International and the CNN World Report.

Conferees came from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the Palestinian territories, Morocco, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, Britain and the United States.

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