The 9th Annual Conference
on the Global Education of the Child

April 19-20, 2002 | LAU, Byblos | Selina Korban Auditorium


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Educating for Citizenship: Local and Global Challenges

‘We may be born free but we are not born citizens — we have to acquire the traits that enable us to participate effectively in the world.’ (Benjamin Barber, Rutgers U.)

This implies more than just knowledge about one’s rights and obligations; participatory citizenship requires becoming and staying informed about issues affecting one’s community, nation, and the future of humankind. It implies forming opinions based on critically analyzed and evaluated information, engaging in a dialogue about issues, and working together with others for a common goal. Finally, it implies also taking action to make changes happen that strengthen one’s own community, nation and the global community. Being a citizen in a democracy carries with it also a commitment to democratic values and a responsibility for one’s actions. It is all these capacities that good citizenship education aims at developing. This 9th Annual Conference on the Global Education for the Child explores Citizenship Education from multiple perspectives in the hope of extending the way we view it beyond the traditional Civic Education curricula.

Irma Ghosn

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