Knowledge Management • Beirut, June 2-3, 2000

On behalf of the Business School at the Lebanese American University, we extend to you a warm invitation to attend and participate in the Second International Management Conference in Beirut in June 2-3, 2000.

The program will bring together experts, professionals, researchers, practitioners, and leaders from Lebanon, the Arab world and the international community. It will cover topics in contemporary issues and practices in management, under the theme "Knowledge Management: Management Concepts, Strategies and Applications."

Lebanon is entering the era of globalization with the vision to reestablish itself as the global partner in the region’s economical cycle. Businesses seek a competitive edge by adopting the latest management techniques and practices to set precedence and be first in their endeavors. Based on the unique features of the Lebanese workforce, highly qualified and educated managers will help attract multi-national business to Lebanon.

Your attendance and support is vital to realize the event. By participating, you will help forge the bonds of cooperation between industry and academia. Successful events such as this enhance Lebanon’s position as the disseminator of knowledge as it has always been.

The individual fee for this international conference is US$ 100, with a 20% discount for institutions sending more than three delegates.

LAU appreciates your attention and welcomes your participation and support toward the diffusion of professional education in the Lebanese industry and business community.