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Inclusive Education & Diversity in Early Years

The Early Childhood Care and Development Program at ARC
in cooperation with the School of Arts & Sciences —
Department of Education at LAU
invites you to attend

Inclusive Education and Diversity in Early Years

A Regional Conference for ECD Professionals
November 5–7, 2009
Beirut Lebanon

The three-day ″Inclusive Education and Diversity in Early Years Regional Conference″ is intended to review the general guidelines and elements of inclusion and diversity programs in early years, discuss latest trends and policies, map challenges and implementation barriers, present positive models, and share successful stories from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, Yemen, and other countries form the region.

The conference will encourage participants to share their personal beliefs, ideas and experiences with a group of professionals and enthusiasts from our region. This extraordinary regional event will consist of the following recommended components:

The general aim of the conference is to raise awareness and to highlight the importance of inclusion and diversity in early years as the best time to develop a positive and self-determined personality in children. In addition, the conference aims to establish an advocacy strategy for the inclusion of all children in their communities.

The main objectives of the conference are:

The conference will include sessions on topics such as (but not limited to):

Presentations/Papers Submissions

All participants who wish can submit proposals for papers and presentations on the main topics of the conference. All papers and presentations will be published in a booklet and uploaded on our website. If interested in presenting a paper/project at the conference, participants can submit abstract forms by 20 September 2009. Full papers and presentations are due October 20, 2009 in electronic version and according to the following format:

For papers:

For presentations:


All submissions (papers/presentation proposals) will be reviewed, and acceptance/rejection is based upon quality of application and relevance to the conference.

Dates and Location

November 5–7, 2009
Location and place of venue
Lebanese American University Beirut Campus

Registration fee

Registration fee: $250
Registration fee covers: admission to all the sessions, presentations of submitted papers, discussions, all lunches and coffee breaks during the conference, a networking dinner, conference materials and certificate issued by ARC. This fee does not include airfare and hotel accommodation. Due to our non-profit nature and limited funds, we are not able to provide full financial support that would cover conference fee, accommodation or travel expenses. However, we encourage participants to search for funding from outside organizations and we can provide them with a letter of support. No remuneration will be paid to the participants for the time they will spend on preparing themselves for the conference and participating in it.


We can assist regional and international participants in arranging their accommodation, during their stay in Beirut. We have obtained special prices for our participants if they chose to book the hotel via our organization as the following:

Contact person for both hotels: Hiba Kadi at arcleb@mawared.org


All the lunches and coffee breaks during the conference are organized and included in the conference fee as well as a networking dinner that will take place on the first day of the conference.


Application forms should be filled and submitted to ecd@mawared.org no later than September 30, 2009. The application form should be filled by candidates and returned to the organizing team, who will select participants according to the criteria listed above.


Conference agenda will be available by October 25, 2009 after the list of participants and presentations is finalized.

Resource Exhibition

There will be an ongoing resource exhibition during the conference. So please bring along any resources you/your organization have produced about Early Childhood (Arabic and/or English) for display in the market and sharing with other participants. ARC will be happy to keep copies of these resources in its library!

Moreover, kindly note that ARC publishes a magazine Qatr An Nada focusing on ECCD. So please feel free to bring along articles, newsletters, photos, announcements of upcoming events, etc about the ECCD work you do in your country, for possible publication in the newsletter.

Finally, since this is a regional conference, please bring with you some music and videos of your country in case we manage to organize a social activity.

Organizing team

A group of ARC and LAU staff and partners will carry out the tasks of preparing and moderating the conference.

We very much look forward to meeting you in Beirut!

With warm regards

Maysoun Chehab
ARC Childhood Unit Coordinator
Arab Resource Collective

Frequently Asked Questions

* When should I arrive?
You should arrive in Beirut on November 4, 2009 the latest.

* When should I depart?
We kindly ask you not to depart before the evening of November 7, 2009. Participants are expected to be in attendance during the entire conference.

* What is the current atmosphere in Beirut?
Beirut is a beautiful and peaceful city with lots of young people, local and international cafes, restaurants, and markets, and sightseeing opportunities. Also Beirut is famous for its cultural center of the city, where you will experience one of the best cuisines in this part of the region and enjoy the breathtaking view of its sea.
The weather in Beirut during November is pleasant and mostly clear. The temperature varies between 65–75 °F / 17–24 C°.

* Is it possible to stay in the hotel before or after the conference?
Yes, we will be happy to book a hotel room for you, with discounted rates provided that you inform us about your plans in a timely manner.

* Do I have to submit and present a paper?
No, paper submission and presentation is not mandatory.

*What is the dress code?
There is no official dress code.


Visa assistance will be provided upon request. For those requiring visa, please specify this in the application form and make sure that your name, address or fax number, and passport number are correct. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at ecd@mawared.org or phone: +9611–742075
Note: many visitors of various nationalities can obtain entry visa upon their arrivals to Beirut - Rafic Hariri International Airport.

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