The Second “Language and Change” Regional Conference

Lebanese American University

December 6-7, 2003

Language is a primary communication tool in a constantly changing society. To meet changes, our speaking, listening, reading and writing skills must be used effectively and efficiently. Language is a tool. Without exaggeration, we know the power of language can help bring about peace, cause wars, reunite friends, foster communication with different people, inspire or demotivate and sometimes even cause the growth or decline of an individual or a whole nation.

Saying that "the pen is mightier than the sword" takes on special meaning for educators. The application of this principle does not only depend on our dedication to the mission of teaching but on our awareness of the learner's need for guidance and the educator's willingness to meet that need.

The question is, therefore, how can language meet these challenges in a fast changing world? The aim of this regional conference is to provide a forum where isues related to this question will be discussed under four sub-themes: Sociolinguistcs, Computer Assisted Learning, English Language Teaching and Learning, and, Management and Leadership.

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In collaboration with the British Council, Librairie du Liban Publishers and Pearson Education