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Research Trends in Science and Technology


March 4, 2002
March 6, 2002

Tuesday March 5, 2002
Beirut Campus

8:30 - 8:50 AM: Coffee

8:50 - 9:20 AM:

Keynote Address, Prof. R. Paolesse, Italy
Irwin Hall Auditorium
Porphyrins Based Chemical Sensors

9:20 - 9:50 AM

Keynote Address, Prof. R. West, U.S.A.
Irwin Hall Auditorium
History of a Paradigm Shift: Multiple Bonds to Silicon

9:50 - 10:30 AM:

Keynote Address, Prof. G. Hammond, U.S.A.
Irwin Hall Auditorium
A Ring Fluorination Toolbox Using Fluoro-Organometallic Building Blocks

10:30 - 10:45 AM: Coffee Break

10:45 AM - 12:45 PM: Parallel Sessions

Session "A"
Conference Room A
Genomics - Molecular Biology
Chair: K. Bogharian

  1. C. Kappen, Keynote Speaker, U.S.A.
    Homeobox Genes in Embryonic Development: Genetics and Genomics

  2. P. Peyret, Keynote Speaker, France
    Genome Organisation in the Amitochondrial Intracellular Parasite, Encephalitozoon Cuniculi: A Reference for Microbial Eukaryotic Genome Evolution and for Parasite Post-Genomics

  3. Z. Attieh, Lebanon
    Identification of a Ferroxidase Activity for Hephaestin

  4. M. Hamed, Lebanon
    Cloning and Identification of a Novel Sugar Kinase from E.Coli K12

Session "B"
Conference Room B
Applied Mathematics - Quantum
Chair: S. Habre

  1. E. Gavrilova, Bulgaria
    2-D BIEM Transient Wave Propagation Solution in a Soil Region with Viscose-Plastic Properties

  2. M. Abu Dina, Egypt
    Approximate Determination of the Transmission and Reflection Coefficients for Water-Wave Flow over a Topography

  3. I. Sirafy, Egypt
    On The Problems of Spiral Shaped Plate

  4. T. Sayah, Lebanon
    Numerical Method to Solve the Electromagnetic Scattering by a Thin Dielectric Layer

  5. N. Yassine, Lebanon
    Scattering of Internal Waves by a Submerged Circular Cylinder at the Surface Separating Two Liquids Each of Finite Depth

Session "C"
Conference Room C
Chair: M. Hamdan

  1. V. Kiryakova, Bulgaria
    Meijer’s G-Functions: Their Role in Development of Special Functions, Integral Transforms and Fractional Calculus

  2. E. Deeba, U.S.A.
    A Decomposition Method To Solve Nonlinear Equations

  3. M. A. Ahmed Abdou, Egypt
    Solution of Fredholm Volterra Integral Equations of the First Kind

  4. D. Zantout, Lebanon
    Factor Rings of Polynomials over Finite Fields With Cyclic Group of Units

  5. S. Jaber, Lebanon
    Divisibility and Some Number-Theoretic Equations in Zn[i]

12:45 - 1:45 PM: Lunch - Cafeteria

1:45 - 2:15 PM:

Keynote Address, Prof. E. Lieb, U.S.A.
Irwin Hall Auditorium
The Quantum-Mechanical World View: A Remarkably Successful but still Incomplete Theory

2:15 - 2:45 PM

Prof. Z. Nashed, U.S.A.
Irwin Hall Auditorium
Inverse Problems in the Applied Sciences and Recovery Problems from Partial Information

2:45 - 3:00 PM: Coffee Break

3:00 - 5:00: Parallel Sessions

Session "A"
Conference Room A
Theoretical Biophysical Chemistry
Chair: R. Tiwari

  1. R. Tewari, India
    Implications of the Presence of Hypermodified Nucleosides Mnm5s2u34 and Ms2t6a37 in the Anticodon Loop of Human Trnalys

  2. J. Chattopadhyaya, Sweden
    Conformation Transmission Through DNA and RNA

  3. P. Carloni, Italy
    Drug Binding to HIV-1 Protease: A Perspective From Car-Parrinello Simulations

Session "B"
Conference Room B
Information Technology
Chair: M. Abboud

  1. H. Zabadani, Lebanon
    GISMO - A Geographical Information System for a Municipality Office

  2. M. Ladan, Lebanon
    Xml: Extensible Markup Language- An Overview and a Comparison with HTML and SGML.

  3. I. Moghrabi, Lebanon
    A New Quasi-Newton Optimization Algorithm

  4. A. Natafgi, Lebanon
    An application Framework for the Distance Learning Domain

  5. A. Haidar, Lebanon
    Multiple-Valued to Minimize Programmable Logic Arrays

Session "C"
Conference Room C
Environmental-Chemical Analysis
Chair: S. Korfali

  1. S. Korfali, Lebanon
    Water Quality Variation of Two Water Resources

  2. A. Kabbani, Lebanon
    Dissolved Oxygen and Water Hardness in Iqleem El-Kharoub and South Lebanon

  3. J. Chatila, Lebanon
    Using H2onet and Arcview in Modeling a Water Distribution Network in Lebanon

  4. A. Houri, Lebanon
    Fulfilling Lebanon's E;ectricity Needs Through Environmentally Friendly Systems

  5. G. Younes, Lebanon
    Thermodynamics Studies on the First and the Second Dissociation Reactions of Succinic Acid in Tert-Butanol/Water Mixtures

  6. F. Zeitouni, Lebanon
    Kinetics of Solvolysis of Chloropentaamminecobalt(III) Complex in Acetonitril-Water Mixtures

  7. J. Chatila, Lebanon
    Desalination: A Feasible Unconventional Water Resource

Session "D"
Orme-Gray Lounge
Physics - Quantum
Chair: S. Doma

  1. S. Doma, Egypt
    The Single Particle Schroedinger Fluid and Moments of Inertia of the Axially Deformed Nuclei

  2. L. Pletnev, Belarus
    Computer Simulation of the Evaporation Process of the Monoatomic Condensed Phase

  3. F. A. Al-Akkad, Egypt
    Double Folding Model Analysis for (- Paricles Scattering by Different Nuclei

  4. N. Enaki, Moldova
    The Coherent Generation of The Photon Pairs by a Stream of Excited Atoms Passing Through the Cavity

  5. A. K. Khamis Egypt
    Moment of Inertia of the Nucleus Li in Frame Work of the Translation Invariant Shell Model, the Single-Particle Schroedinger Fluid and the Nuclear Superfluidity Model


March 4, 2002
March 6, 2002

5:30 - 7:30 PM: Short Courses and Workshops

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