The Lebanese American University will host The Byblos 2000 International Congress of Surgery on the grounds of the Lebanese American University in Byblos on May 17-20, 2000. This activity is in line with the plans of the University to establish a Medical School and the DeBakey Medical Center in the Byblos Campus.

The Congress shall be under the Auspices of H.E. President Emile Lahoud in honor of Dr. Michael DeBakey, the renowned Lebanese American Cardiovascular Surgeon. Dr. Michael DeBakey will participate in the functions of the event. He will be joined by a team of renowned surgeons from the University of Heidelberg and The Baylor College of Medicine.

The Congress will include a presentation of "Med Life", a German Project designing a unique platform for scientists worldwide to keep in touch with the latest development in medical science through a multimedia database and virtual instruction. The Congress will also be followed by a two day conference on occupational and environmental medicine, organized by LAU and the German Universities of Heidelberg, Tuebingen and Ulm.