Key Objectives of Forum UNESCO

The key objectives of the international network are to:

• Mobilize the human and technical resources of the universities to co-operate nationally and internationally in protecting the cultural tangible and intangible heritage through the implementation of international conventions and safeguarding

• Create a national and international network of solidarity, mutual assistance and the exchange of knowledge and skills between universities on issues of cultural heritage

• Strengthen inter-university co-operation by transferring knowledge and exchanging know-how with the heritage practitioners

• Increase students' participation in heritage projects and so ensure that universities sensitize the next generation of the importance of protecting cultural heritage

• Encourage the development of heritage studies in universities, emphasising both theory and practical experience

• Promote through the notion of a common World Heritage, a mutual understanding and a multicultural dialogue for peace.

Strategies for Action

Forum UNESCO's strategies for action are to:

• Develop a nucleus of students and teachers in each university participating in forum activities

• Establish links with other universities working in the heritage field

• Create national and regional components of the global forum network

• Implement jointly the appropriate machinery between universities for efficient co-ordination in the field of heritage

• Reinforce co-operation between global, regional, national and local cultural heritage officials, practitioners and the universities

• Create a local and national UNESCO Forum data bank

• Encourage the teaching of cultural heritage across many university faculties, in particular heritage law study and by the creation of UNESCO cultural heritage chairs

• Identify concrete operational projects involving inter-university co-operation

The Fifth International Seminar of Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage will take place in two historic cities, Byblos and Beirut, in Lebanon, from 6 to 9 November 2000. This meeting is organized by the Lebanese American University and UNESCO.

Forum UNESCO University and Heritage, an international network gathering universities concerned with the issue of heritage in its different aspects in a multi-disciplinary approach, aims at promoting the commitment of researchers, professors and students to the protection and the valorization of both tangible and intangible heritage. A special chart has defined the following objectives to this network:

This Fifth International Seminar of Forum - UNESCO will be once again an occasion for academics, professionals, and others involved in the preservation and study of cultural heritage around the globe to meet and discuss new ideas and practices reflecting on the awareness and preservation of the different forms of cultural heritage.

This Seminar will be structured around two open sessions (open forum) as well as smaller workshops with the following themes:

I. Ethical and Scientific Responsibilities

Ethics and Heritage: The Role of Universities

Study of a Charter of Forum UNESCO

Social and economical Aspects of the Issue of Heritage

Exchange of knowledge and know-how between universities

Case Studies : preservation projects implemented by universities

II. Universities Actions' and Sharing:

1. Partnership with ICOMOS, ICCROM, ICOM, IFLA and UIA.

2. Co-operation with heritage practitioners.

3. Thematic Workshops:

• Urbanism and Heritage

• Heritage and economic development

• Heritage and Cultural Tourism

• Intangible Heritage

• Responsibilisation of decision-makers, youth and the public at large

• Heritage Communication

• Students' Associations

• Future common projects between universities

III Rationalization of Forum UNESCO's Functionning

• Dissemination of information: regional computer junction points using intelligence agents

• Selection of projects which Forum UNESCO's label by a working group under the auspices of UNESCO.