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Workshop: “Byblos Lab: Mobility for Sustainability”

October 22–24, 2015 8:30 AM–1:00 PM
Byblos campus

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The School of Architecture and Design is hosting a three day workshop, Byblos Lab: Mobility for Sustainability, inviting researchers and policy makes to think through the interdisciplinary concerns surrounding cities mobility optimization in a sustainable and resilient perspective. It will take place on October 22,23 and 24 in Byblos.

The lab includes representatives from different cities that will present executed strategies and work in progress of cities sustainable transportation policies interventions and develop, via roundtables, guidelines for sustainable mobility and linkage strategies to be used by the labs different contributors. Beside the guidelines, the Lab will launch an international research networks and data bank to insure and support the cities development in the most sustainable and resilient appropriate way. 


All are welcome to take part in the workshop.

To confirm your attendance please contact:
The Department of Architecture and Interior Design, Tel: +961 9547262 EXT: 2232 E-mail:  daid@lau.edu.lb
Tony Sfeir, Tel: +961 3372526 E-mail: lahwloh@gmail.com
Elyesh Sd, Tel: +961 3604034 E-mail: eliesh000@gmail.com


Organizer: School of Architecture and Design

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