International Conference on
Research Trends in Science and Technology

March 7-9, 2005 • Beirut & Byblos, Lebanon


Wednesday March 9, 2005

Byblos Campus

8:45 – 9:00 AM


9:00 – 09:40 AM

Keynote Address, Nobel Laureate P. Agre, U.S.A.
“Membrane Channels”
Selina Korban Auditorium

09:40 – 10:10 AM

Keynote Address, Prof. R. Prudhomme, U.S.A.
“Encapsulating Hydrophobic Drugs Based on Diblock Copolymer – Arrested Nucleation and Growth of Drug Nanoparticles”
Selina Korban Auditorium

10:15 – 10:30 AM

Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:30PM

Parallel Sessions

Session “A.” Biotechnology
Science Bldg. Rm 606
Chair: F. Hashwa

  1. G. Antranikian, Keynote Speaker, Germany
    “White biotechnology: gateway to a more sustainable future”
  2. M. Rossi, Keynote Speaker, Italy
    “Novel Applications of Proteases and Characterization of an Extracellular Protease from Aeropyrum Pernix”
  3. S. D’Auria, Italy
    “Thermostable enzymes for the development of advanced fluorescence protein biosensors: glucose dehydrogenase from Thermoplasma acidophilum and glucokinase from Bacillus stearothermophilus as model probes for glucose biosensors”
  4. S. Talhouk, Lebanon
    “The Initiative for Biodiversity in Arid Regions (IBSAR): A Vision for the Future”
  5. J. Kassab, Germany
    “Sedimentation Field-Flow Fractionation: a powerful separation technique for colloidal and micron particulate species”

Session “B:” Drug Design/Drug Delivery
Science Auditorium
Chair: R. Prudhomme

  1. C. Klein, Keynote Speaker, Germany
    “Selectivity Mechanisms of Therapeutically Relevant Epoxides”
  2. Y. Dincer, Keynote Speaker, Turkey
    “Comet Assay in the Determination of DNA Damage.”
  3. C. Monneret, France
    “Tumor-Activated Glucuronyl Prodrugs of Doxorubicin and Paclitaxel”
  4. C. Azar, Lebanon
    “Design of an Automatically Controlled Insulin Dispenser”
  5. S. Chahine, UK
    “Trail towards the development of electrochemical sensor for the near-patient determination of plasma thiols level”
  6. M. Haroun, Lebanon
    “Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of new Heterocycle Compounds as Novel anticancer Drugs”

12:45 – 1:45 PM


1:45 – 2:15 PM

Keynote Address, Prof. M. Wink, Germany.
Bioprospecting- search for bioactive lead structures from Nature
Selina Korban Auditorium

2:15 – 2:35 PM

Keynote Address, Prof M. Wink, Germany
“Caenorhabditis elegans as a model system for spaceflight biology”
Selina Korban Auditorium

2:35 – 5:30

Parallel Sessions

Session “A:” Genomics
Science Auditorium
Chair: K. Taira

  1. P. Peyret, Keynote Speaker, France
    “New Eukaryotic transcriptional Regulation Involved in Gene Expression for Microsporidia”
  2. K. Taira, Keynote Speaker, Japan
    “Rapid identification of functional genes by ribozyme and siRNA libraries that would not induce interferon responses”
  3. S. Khuri, USA
    “Assembling DNA Fragments Using Probes and Interprobe Distances”
  4. P. Zalloua, Lebanon
    “Genomics and Public Health in Lebanon”
  5. F. Hashwa, Lebanon
    “Genomics and 16S rDNA Sequence Analysis for the Identification of Drinking Water Bacteria in Lebanon”

Session “B:” Clinical Up-Dates
Selina Korban Auditorium
Chair: Shereen Nabhani

  1. E. Kallay, keynote speaker, Austria
    Vitamin D and Calcium: a Successful Team in Preventing Colorectal Cancer
  2. M. Moufarij
    Modulation of Oxaliplatin Cytotoxicity by Fludarabine in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.
  3. S. Kamal, Egypt
    “Detection of Mouse Mammary Virus in Breast Cancer of Egyptian Women”
  4. R. Fakhouri, Egypt
    “Detecting Hepatitis B Viral Genes in Hepatocellular Carcenoma”
  5. N. Yahia, Lebanon
    Obesity in the New Millenium: Insight into the Biology of Body Weight regulation.

Session “C:” Engineering
Science Bldg. Rm 606
Chair: C. Azar

  1. C. Azar, Lebanon
    “Two-Dimensional Aperture In A Parallel Plate Waveguide”
  2. A. Hellani, Australia
    “The Future Development of EMC Technology in Australia: Regulation and Education”
  3. H. Kanaan, Lebanon
    “Nonlinear Control of an Active Magnetic Levitation System”
  4. S. Abourida, Canada
    “Model-Based Design And Real-Time Simulation Of Power Electronics And Control Systems”
  5. O. Hadji, Algeria
    “Extraction Of Urban Elevation Models From High Resolution Interferometric Sar Images”
  6. K. Reshmy, India
    “Semantic Based Search For Interactive Digital Maps Using Ontologies”
  7. N. Rizk, Lebanon
    “Ethical Considerations in Conducting Electronic Qualitative Research”
  8. K. Mansour, USA
    “Noninvasive Determination Of Upper Airway Resistance And Flow Limitation”

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