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Call for Papers

Special Track on Database Theory, Technology, and Applications

The 20th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2006)

April 23 – 27, 2006, Dijon, France


1. SAC 2006

In the last twenty years, ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC) has been a primary and international forum for applied computer scientists, computer engineering, and other computer related professionals to gather, interact, present, and disseminate their research and development work. ACM SAC has been sponsored by the Special Interest Group on Applied Computing (SIGAPP), and SIGAPP’s mission is to further the interests of the computing professionals engaged in the development of new computing techniques and applications areas and the transfer of computing technology to new problem domains.

SAC 2006 will be held on April 23–27, 2006. The conference proceedings will be published by ACM and will be also available online through ACM’s Digital Library. For additional information, please visit the above official ACM SAC 2006 web site.

2. Special Track on Database Theory, Technology, and Applications (DTTA)

For many years, the Database Theory, Technology, and Applications track has been one of the important parts of the ACM SAC conference. To support ACM SAC, a special track on Database Theory, Technology, and Applications will be held again in SAC 2006. The DTTA track will be a forum for database scholars, research scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to share their theoretical results, technical ideas, and exploratory experiences relating to implementation and applications. You are cordially invited to submit technical papers to the DTTA track of SAC 2006, and major topics of interest for the track include, but are not limited to the following:

3. Track Chairs and Contact Information:

Dr. Ramzi A. Haraty
Division of Computer Science and Mathematics
Lebanese American University
P.O. Box 13-5053
Chouran Beirut: 1102 2801
Phone: +961 1 867620 Ext. 1285
Fax: +961 1 867098
E-mail: rharaty@lau.edu.lb

Dr. Apostolos N. Papadopoulos
Department of Informatics
Aristotle University
Thessaloniki, 54124
Phone: +30 (2310) 991918
Fax: +30 (2310) 991913
E-mail: apostol@delab.csd.auth.gr

Dr. Junping Sun
Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences
Nova Southeastern University
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314, USA.
Phone: +1 (954) 262-2028
Fax: +1 (954) 262-3915
E-mail: jps@nsu.nova.edu

4. Guidelines for Paper Submission

Original papers from the above-mentioned or other related areas will be considered. This includes three categories of submissions: 1) original and unpublished research; 2) reports of innovative computing applications in the arts, sciences, engineering, business, government, education and industry; and 3) reports of successful technology transfer to new problem domains.

Each submitted paper will be fully referenced and undergo a double-blind review process by at least three referees for quality, correctness, originality, and relevance. Notification and reviews will be communicated via e-mail. All papers must be submitted electronically in the format of Adobe PDF and Postscript (preferably) or Microsoft Word. Please, upload your papers electronically to the website: http://delab.csd.auth.gr/reviews/sac2006/.

Author(s) name(s) and address(es) must NOT appear in the paper body. Any self-reference should be in the third person. Each paper must not exceed 4,000 words (approx. 15–20 pages, double-spaced). The program committee may reject papers that exceed this length on the grounds of length alone. In addition, for each submitted paper, a separated cover page (preferably in Microsoft Word or plain ASCII) should be sent to the e-mail address: sac2006@delab.csd.auth.gr including the paper title, abstract, list of keywords, and list of authors with full names and postal address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. One of the authors must be designated as the primary contact point to receive the notification at the time of the paper submission.

At least one of the authors of the accepted paper must register for the conference and present the paper, and the final camera-ready copies of accepted papers must fit within five (5) two-column pages, with the option (at additional expense) to add three (3) more pages. Accepted papers will be published in the ACM SAC 2006 proceedings. A set of selected papers, which did not get accepted as full papers, will be accepted as poster papers and will also be published as extended two (2) two-column pages abstracts in the ACM SAC 2006 proceedings.

Please note that a paper cannot be submitted to more than one track.

5. Program Committee

6. Important Dates:

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