“Emotional Intelligence in Management”

Room 903, Business Building, Beirut campus

The lecture will be presented by Dr. Michel Chalhoub who combines academic as well as industry experience, and currently teaches at LAU’s School of Business. Prior to his return to Lebanon, he served in senior management positions with major U.S. corporations where he led large-scale development projects from a technical and managerial perspective. 

In this lecture, Dr. Chalhoub will discuss applications of emotional intelligence (EI) concepts in management and other situations. Since EI offers new ways to look at people’s management style, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and behaviors, it has become an important consideration in senior management succession planning in organizations. EI is continuously under development in business contexts as it has applications in human resource management, customer relations, and management development. 

The lecture will be followed by a Q & A session. 

As places are limited, please confirm your attendance no later than January 20, by contacting the Alumni Relations Office at Tel: +961 1 786456 Ext. 1136, or email:

Event organizer: Alumni Relations Office