Lecture and exhibition on Michel Zaccour

Riyad Nassar Library, Ground Floor, Beirut campus

The first event of LAU’s Center for Lebanese Heritage for the 2010–2011 academic year will commemorate Michel Zaccour (1896–1937), a prominent Lebanese journalist and pioneer of Lebanon’s liberation from the French mandate, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary (1921–2011) of the establishment of the newspaper The Exhibition and the 75th anniversary (1936–2011) of its occultation.

The event will be opened by Henry Zogheib, CLH director, and will include:

  • A detailed presentation of personal, political and journalistic documents from the reflections of Michel Zaccour’s life, career, and newspaper The Exhibition.

  • An interview about Michel Zaccour as a journalist, Member of Parlimant, and minister.

  • Give-away of Alexander Najjar’s book The Rebellious Michel Zaccour (in Arabic)  to the attendees at the end of the event.
Word University by President Dr. Joseph Jabra : “Michel Zaccour journalist Storm”
Press Syndicate Mohammed Baalbaki : “Michel Zaccour and People”
Columnist Samir Atallah : “Statesman  Michel Zaccour”
Ambassador Fuad Al-Turk : “Why are we remembering Michel Zaccour today?”
Event organizer: LAU’s Center for Lebanese Heritage