“GPU Computing: Overview and Applications”

Beirut and Byblos campuses

The seminar will be given by Mr. Sam Azar, director of Video Systems Software, NVIDIA Corporation.

GPU computing or GPGPU is the use of a GPU to do general-purpose scientific and engineering computing. GPUs are massively parallel processors. They have evolved to the point where many real-world applications are easily implemented on them and run significantly faster than on multi-core systems. Future computing architectures will be hybrid systems with parallel-core  GPUs working in tandem with multi-core CPUs. These systems are already being deployed in the world and they are contributing to accelerating the time to discovery in various fields: medical, pharmaceutical, financial, oil and gas exploration, astrophysics, etc.


  • Riyad Nassar Library, Najla Atiyah Conference Room (Room 1301), Beirut
  • Jamil Iskandar Conference Room, Byblos

Event organizer: LAU’s School of Arts and Sciences – Department of Computer Science and Mathematics (Byblos)