Storytelling workshop: “Harrer, Harrer”

Beirut campus

The Doha Film Institute (DFI) is collaborating with LAU’s Communication Arts Department to bring this traveling workshop to Beirut. "Harrer, Harrer" is a seven-day storytelling workshop comprised of participants working together to tell stories about the recent revolutions in the Middle East. Participants will create fictional one-minute films based on their personal connections to the recent historic events. The goal is to capture the essence of the revolution and communicate human emotions through characters.

During the workshop, students will:

  • Learn and discuss storytelling techniques and character development
  • Work together to create compelling stories and turn them into one-minute screenplays
  • Produce one-minute films based on their screenplays (rehearse-shoot-edit). All films will be restricted to a single location.
  • Act and crew in each other’s films.

The films will be uploaded and distributed on a web platform and become part of an international exhibition that will be launched at the 2011 Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

Application deadline: June 9, 2011
Submit your one-minute film script to:

For more information, visit this website.