Professional Development Series: Business Etiquette for Excellence

Sc. 606 Jamil Iskandar Conference Room - Byblos campus

First impression always lasts, whether it is true or not, it will be perceived as true to those who meet you in the first 30 seconds.
It is the way you are dressed or maybe the way you greet someone either face to face or by phone, or even the way you carry yourself, which plays a very important role in ensuring your professional success and that of the organization you work for.

Below you will find the subjects that any professional requires to give the right positive image in the corporate world of today.

General Business Etiquette:

- Importance of Image – “I” for image
- Dress Code/personal care – an impression that will last
- Meeting & Greeting – internal and external environment
- Basic Communication Skills – Body talk
- Telephone Etiquette skills – To say or not to say.
- Writing emails – do it right
- Attitude (positive) – The Secret

The Seminar will be given by Ms Sonya J. Sabbah, a Corporate Etiquette/Image Consultant and Executive Coach.

Kindly be there 5 minutes before time.

To sign up: Kindly provide your ID, Name, Major & Phone number by calling extension 2350 before 12th of December 2011. Places are limited.