“Bioinformatics: Combining Biology with Information Technology”

Science 607, Byblos campus / Irwin A, Beirut campus

 The talk that will be conducted by Dr. Georges el Khazen assistant professor of bioinformatics at LAU Byblos, will present a brief description of different bioinformatics related projects with an emphasis on the importance of such field in current research and industry.

All are welcome.

Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary program that combines biology with statistics and information technology to explore and understand biological data obtained from high-throughput experiments, such as nucleotide and amino acid sequences, genes and proteins expression chips, as well as protein domains and structures. The exponential growth of biological information stored in databases and that is currently being generated has led to a critical need for people to develop and implement new tools that enable efficient access, management, integration and analysis of this data. A classically trained biologist may be unfamiliar with the statistical and algorithmic knowledge required in this field. A classically trained statistician or computer scientist may be unfamiliar with the biology and chemistry required in the field. Bioinformatics strives for a balance of the two.

Event organizer: The Computer Science & Mathematics Department