Alumni “Serving Others as Key to Your Personal and Professional Success”

Business Building, Room 903, Beirut campus

This is the second alumni lecture of the 2011 – 2012 academic year, organized by LAU’s Alumni Relations Office as part of its “Keep Learning” alumni lectures program.

The lecture, titled “It Is Never All about You, Ladies and Gentlemen: Serving Others As Key To Your Personal And Professional Success,” will be presented by LAU President Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra. He will explain that the notion of noble service goes to the heart of LAU’s mission and has been a corner stone of his personal and professional life. Jabbra will also speak briefly about why serving others has become so popular around the globe, despite the major conflicts and greed that grip our globalized world. He will clarify what serving others means and the incentives that inspire us to serve others, and will talk about the obstacles that stand in our way, on and off the job. By highlighting specific examples and the experiences of real people, and the ups and downs they encountered in trying to serve others, Jabbra will show how serving others is indeed linked to our personal growth and success in life. He will conclude with general comments that drive the point home: that it is never all about us and serving others is key to our personal and professional growth.
The lecture will include a Q&A session and will be followed by a reception.
As places are limited, please confirm your attendance no later than January 25, 2012 by contacting the Alumni Relations Office at Ext. 1136, or by e-mail:

Event organizer: Alumni Relations Office