“Russian Federation and the Arab Spring”

Sage 06, Beirut campus

As part of the guest speaker series Dr. Imad Salamey is hosting in his graduate seminar on the Arab Spring, Professor Viktor Kremenyuk  will be giving a lecture titled “Russian Federation and the Arab Spring: Foreign Policy Challenges and Prospects.”

Victor A. Kremenyuk, Ph.D., is deputy director at the the Institute for the USA and Canadian Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences. His areas of interest are international conflict resolution, crisis management, and foreign policy negotiation process. He has published more than 100 works in Russian and other languages, including Processes of International Negotiations (F. Mautner-Markhof, ed.), Windows of Opportunity (G. Allison, W. Ury, and B. Allyn, eds.), and Cold War as Cooperation (R. Kanet and E. Kolodziej, eds.).

All are welcome to attend.

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