Student elections

Irwin Auditorium, LRC 21 and 2nd floor, Beirut campus / Student Lounge and Selina Korban Auditorium, Byblos campus

The university administration has set a series of guidelines for elections day:

Entrance to campus

  • Only current students with valid ID’s will be allowed entry to campuses.
  • Students will not be allowed to access campuses in faculty/staff cars.
  • Students will not be allowed to park on campus (Byblos).
  • Soliciting votes is not allowed at the gates.
  • All entrances will be monitored.
  • Alumni will not have access to campuses.

On-campus events

  • Political and religious cheering/sloganeering will not be allowed.
  • Wearing "koufiyas" or any design/color or vests with any political factions’ colors or logos will be forbidden.

Off-campus activities

  • Campaigning should be limited to university issues. Politicizing will not be allowed on or off campus.
  • In Beirut: campaigning and politicizing will be forbidden outside gates or on streets adjacent to university.
  • In Byblos: the same as in Beirut, in addition to the entire road leading from LAU down to Malik’s.


  • The deans reserve the right to disperse any gathering of four students or more if the gathering is causing tensions or disruption.
  • During elections day, two roaming video cameras on each campus will be capturing hot spots and recording any violations for immediate action by the Deans of Students.
  • A zero tolerance policy will be in effect. If there is any disruption on the day of elections, students responsible will be severely sanctioned. This could include immediate suspension.

Elections results

  • At 4 pm students who don’t have classes will be asked to leave the campuses.
  • All monitoring students and LADE members along with election staff will remain in the election-counting rooms until all votes are tabulated.
  • Cell phones or other devices will not permitted in the counting rooms.
  • Elections results will be emailed to all students as soon as ballots are counted (elections results will not be verbally shared with students on campus).