“The Digital Scaffolding of Civil Society”

Nicol 540, Beirut campus

 The International Affairs program is organizing a lecture and discussion with the comparative international researcher Muzammil M. Hussain titled: "The Digital Scaffolding of Civil SOciety: Information Infrastructure as Politics."

The lecture will be held during Dr. Imad Salamey International Affairs class on Arab Spring.

All are welcome to attend.



Muzammil M. Hussain is a comparative international researcher of information infrastructure and social organization, and digital media and political participation at the University of Washington’s Department of Communication. He has published widely on these issues in peer-reviewed journal articles (e.g., Journal of Democracy; Policy & Internet), edited-volume book chapters (e.g., Oxford University Press; Cambridge University Press), and media and technology policy briefs. Several research projects he has been involved with have been supported by agencies (National Science Foundation; Department of Homeland Security), foundations (MacArthur Foundation; Gates Foundation), and corporations (Google Research; Intel Research). Currently, Hussain is a Visiting Researcher at the Lebanese American University.