Seeqnce Accelerator Program for Internet Startups

LRC 21, Beirut campus

Discover Life At A Startup: Seeqnce Team At LAU

Ever wondered what it’s like to build an internet startup (i.e. an online business) and take it to huge success?

Is it possible to start a web company in Lebanon and get millions of users from all around the world?

Do you want a check for $35,000 to find that out?

Seeqnce is a game-changing startup accelerator space in Hamra. It takes internet startups from idea to team to funding to product to growth. All of it in record time before your competitors catch up.

That’s what startup acceleration is all about.


The 2012 Seeqnce Accelerator Program

Starting your company is an amazing ride, but it’s hard and requires passionate and dedicated teams.

There’s also a lot more to it than most people think. That’s why the Accelerator Program will provide the best entrepreneurs in Lebanon with not just cash, but also full acceleration: hands-on training, residency, tech partnerships, marketing strategy, investor connections and more.

Meet Seeqnce at LAU-Beirut

Seeqnce is made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Join us to hear the stories of people from Seeqnce who started companies, the mistakes they made and what they learned. Find out how successful startups do it. Discover what it takes to win.