The Third LAU NGO Fair

Byblos campus

LAU is holding its 3rd annual LAU NGO fair in its Byblos campus under the theme “Unity is Strength”. Around 80 NGOs representing various sectors will be present on campus to interact with the students.

In addition to the fair, a forum (starting at 12.30 pm) will gather stakeholders and decision-makers for four conversations of public interest revolving around: 

• Health
• Citizenship
• Social work 
• Environment

The goal being to highlight the importance of unity and cooperation between government, civil society and academia in improving the situation in selected areas. Recommendations will be issued. 

For three consecutive years, LAU has been holding an annual nongovernmental organizations (NGO) fair which presents a platform that instills in students the importance of community service and volunteerism. It aims to bridge the gap between students and civil society as it gives NGOs the opportunity to sensitize youngsters about their work. In turn, students have the unique opportunity to channel their creative potential, energy and passion into the meaningful conduits of constructive social work.

Click here for more information about the event and participating NGOs.