Remembering Omar al-Ounsi

Business building 904, Beirut campus.

The Center for Lebanese Heritage is organizing a meeting on June 11 to remember Lebanese painter Omar al-Ounsi.

The participants of this meeting are art critic Dr. Faisal Sultan, researcher Dr. Elsa Ghossoub, and Artist Joseph Matar.

The meeting will be conducted by Poet Henri Zoughaib.


Omar al-Ounsi was born in 1901 in Beirut. In 1918 he started studying medicine at the American University of Beirut but renowned painter Khalil Salibi saw his drawings and made him quit. In 1922 al-Ounsi travelled to Amman to teach King Talal English, and stayed there for 5 years. His first exhibition was in Jerusalem where he showed his Jordanian paintings. In 1928, Omar al-Ounsi went to Paris to study painting before returning to Beirut in 1930. Some of his most famous paintings feature Ein al-Mraysseh, Ouzai’s beach, and ancient houses in the neighborhoods of Beirut. Omar al-Ounsi died in 1969. His work is exhibited in Lebanon, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and France.

All are welcome to attend.