Lecture by Journalist Jon Lee Anderson

BB 903, Beirut campus.

LAU is hosting a lecture by Jon Lee Anderson, a well proclaimed journalist in the New Yorker, about the challenges faced by journalists regarding conflicting violence.

After witnessing the horrors of several conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Uganda and Lebanon, Jon Lee Anderson speaks to journalists and journalism students about the challenges he, and many others have faced in witnessing violence and bloodshed and transforming them into suitable journalism.

Speaker’s biography:

Jon Lee Anderson began working as a reporter in 1979 for the Lima Times in Peru.  In the 1980s, Anderson covered Central America, first for the columnist Jack Anderson then for Time Magazine.  He began working in the New Yorker in 1998 and became a staff writer in 1999. His works span several regions from covering conflicts in Afghanistan, Angola, and Lebanon to being the author of several books such as “The Lion’s Grave: Dispatches from Afghanistan”, “Guerrillas: Journeys in the Insurgent World,” and, most recently, “The Fall of Baghdad.” He is also the co-author with Scott Anderson of “War Zones: Voices from the World’s Killing Grounds,” and “Inside the League.” His masterpiece is the best-selling and 800+ page biography of Che Guevara which is called “Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life” which was published in 1997. He takes credit for discovering the hidden location of Guevara’s burial in Bolivia while researching his book; Che’s remains were exhumed and returned to Cuba upon the discovery.

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