CLH conference: Lebanon, its Name and Entity over 4000 years

BB 904, Beirut campus

 The Center for Lebanese Heritage is organizing a lecture entitled “Lebanon: Dialect of the Name and Entity over 4000 years” conducted by Dr. Antoine El-Khoury Harb in which photos and documents will be presented and commented on.

Information about the

The name of Lebanon is related to fixed geographical data, whereas most of the countries around the world didn’t overcome historical connotations associated with symptoms or elements or strains. Lebanon’s name was at the basis of  the Lebanese entity that has gained international legitimacy since the announcement of the State of Greater Lebanon in September 2, 1920. Also, Lebanon’s name is mentionned in old documents and it is also from the oldest country names in the world. And while other names decayed, Lebanon’s name is still alive since 4000 years ago. Finally, most of the world’s societies gave names to their countries, whereas the Lebanese society holds the name of its territory “Lebanon” and is integrated to it.

Event organizer: Center for Lebanese Heritage