“Introduction to the Enneagram of Personality Types”

Business 903, Beirut campus


The Alumni Relations’ office is organizing a lecture entitled “Introduction to the Enneagram of Personality Types-Discovering New Pathways to Success” presented by Halla Ayla.


It is an ancient and mystical concept that offers us profound insights into human behavior and personality. Its application has helped millions of people throughout history, from ancient to modern times, to recognize their greatest strengths, as well as their greatest weaknesses.  It offers a precise map that guides us to a greater awareness of what it is that drives and motivates our actions, powers, strengths and abilities. It is a highly effective method of balancing the imbalanced aspects of our lives; offering precise directions on how we can achieve our greatest potential. The Enneagram is a powerful and effective transformational tool unlike any other; which when applied, can help us move towards the achievement of our true work and soul’s destiny. It is taught as a course at prestigious universities all over the world including Harvard, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Georgetown and many others as well as used by Fortune 500 corporations such as Google, Yahoo, EBay, Marriott, Best Buy, USPS, Toyota.

Biography of the speaker:

Halla Ayla pursued her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the U.K., France & Switzerland and has been living in the U.S. since 1991 where she continued to further her education, studying and training with a number of world renowned teachers in the field of transpersonal psychology, personal development, yoga and metaphysics. She has studied extensively with Lazaris, Frank Natale, James Wanless, Angeles Aerien, and with Enneagram authors and teachers Don Riso and Russ Hudson to name a few. Ayla has been teaching seminars and workshops in personal development for over 20 years, as well as offering private consultations and counseling to clients on a one on one basis. She first began teaching in Europe in 1988, and then continued to teach in the U.S. and the Middle East.  She has taught at Delphi University, Georgia, as well as the Whole Life Expos in Los Angeles, Denver and San Francisco. She has taught the Enneagram Seminar in the San Francisco Bay Area, Beirut, Amman, Istanbul and in Dubai for The Emirates Hospital employees. She has been a professional member of the International Enneagram Association and has been studying the Enneagram for 20 years.  {C}


Seats are limited, so please confirm your attendance no later than November 5.

Organized by Alumni Relations’ Office.

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