“Numerical Simulations and the Evolution of the Universe”

Library 1301, Beirut campus / Video conferencing link is available at Frem 203, Byblos campus

The Department of Computer Science and Mathematics is organizing a lecture entitled “How Numerical Simulations Help to Understand the Evolution of the Universe” conducted by Professor Christian Klingenberg (Professor at the Mathematics Department, Wurzburg University, Germany).


The lecture shall show how to model the evolution of the universe from soon after the big bang until today. This model contains a system of non-linear partial differential evolution equations of hyperbolic type. The speaker will describe a technique to find solutions of such equations numerically. The numerical simulations are the result of solving such models on large super computers. They help us develop a deeper understanding on how for example our solar system came to be.

All are welcome to attend.

Event organizer: Department of Computer Science and Mathematics