Rethinking Design

BB903, Beirut campus

The Graphic Design department is hosting design talks by DESMEEM under the theme “Rethinking Design through Cross-Cultural Collaboration.”
During the talk, the designers will be presenting their journey withing the design process with emphasis on the research methods that they used to get to the solution they proposed after three months of work.

DESMEEM is an international multidisciplinary design project that involves 27 ambitious designers and 9 Lebanese NGOs working together to co-create innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges that we face in Lebanon. The project was initiated in April 2012 and exhibited to the public as the launching event of Beirut Design Week 2012. 
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The topics will be as follows:
Design & Gender Discrimination (by Elena Habre)
Design & Personal Finance (by Dima Boulad & Rawad Hajj)
Design & Electricity Consumption (by Karim Badra)
Design & Sustainable Consumerism (by Marwa Boukarim & Mary Rizk)
Design & Creative Education (by Tatiana Toutikian)

For more information contact: or 01-786464 Ext. 1748