“Form Focused Corrective Feedback”

Frem 204, Byblos campus

The Department of Humanities is organizing a lecture entitled “Form Focused Corrective Feedback” conducted by Dr. Nuwar Diab, assistant professor of English and Translation Studies at the Lebanese American University.

The study examines two types of form-focused corrective feedback (FFCF) on students’ ability to reduce pronoun agreement (Pr. Agr.) errors and wrong words (W.W.) in new essays. Three classes of a university ESL English course constituted the experimental and control groups. Experimental group 1 received direct error correction along with metalinguistic error feedback; experimental group 2 received only metalinguistic error feedback; while the control group received no FFCF. The experimental groups revised their Pr. Agr. and W.W. errors after receiving their respective FFCF, while the control group self-corrected them. All students sat for a pretest, and immediate and delayed posttests. A random student sample was interviewed to seek student opinions about the FFCF received. Results revealed that at the immediate post test, there was a statistically significant difference among the treatment conditions on Pr. Agr. in favor of the direct metalinguistic group; no statistically significant difference appeared on the number of WW errors. At the delayed post test, there was no statistically significant difference among the treatment conditions on the number of Pr. Agr. errors, but a significant difference appeared in WW in favor of the direct metalinguistic group. Theoretical explanations and pedagogical implications will be discussed.

All are welcome to attend.