“XML-based Data Processing”

Selina Korban Theatre, Byblos campus

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is hosting  a lecture entitled: “XML-based Data Processing using Structure and Semantic Similarity Evaluation, and Applications” conducted by Dr. Joe M. Tekli.

Abstract: With the ever-increasing size of the Web, XML has emerged as a common data representation model that simplifies the tasks of interoperation and integration among heterogeneous data sources and data management systems. Information destined to be broadcasted over the Web is henceforth represented using XML, in order to guarantee its interoperability. Owing to the increasing Web exploitation of XML, XML-based similarity/comparison becomes a central issue in the database (DB), information retrieval (IR), and Data-Mining (DM) communities. The objective of this talk is to briefly present our main research activities revolving around XML document and grammar similarity evaluation, XML data clustering and classification, and their applications in XML databases and information retrieval. We will also present other ongoing (related) research activities include GML retrieval, RSS merging, SOAP multicasting, Multimedia data fragmentation, as well as Web image search result organization.

All are welcome to attend.