“Gender, Language and Science: Myth or Mythodology?”

BB 904, Beirut campus

The Department of English Language Instruction is hosting a lecture entitled ” “Gender, Language and Science: Myth or Methodology?” conducted by Deema Dakakni, faculty member, Department of English Language Instruction.

An emergent corpus of literature seems to underscore the growing concerns in the disparities between male and female performance in the classroom, most particularly so, the language classroom. Recent scientific research, sparked by genetics, non-invasive brain mapping technology and electrophysiology seems to indicate differential functioning of the male and female brains and how male/female brains react differently to some subjects versus others. Whether these differences in performance between males and females are attributed to the functionality of the brain or the hormonal make up of members of either gender, performance is compromised. The purpose of this research then, is to discover, if not ascertain altogether, the possible factors that may promote or hinder student performance in the gendered classroom. This research will also indicate that genetic and neurodevelopmental factors may equally hinder performance, more so among boys than their female counterparts, through learning disorders, such as dyslexia, reading disabilities or even attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This research will conclusively suggest possible remedial alternatives that would hypothetically serve to improve and ameliorate the growing disparities in learning and education in the gendered classroom.

All are welcome to attend.