The 15th International University Theatre Festival

Beirut campus

The Department of Communication Arts at LAU is hosting the 15th International University Theatre Festival at the LAU Beirut campus.

The festival is a yearly event that offers students from around the world a platform to perform, share ideas and experiences, and in the process, create a unique blend of art and culture. It hosts around 170 performing arts students and instructors who come with a shared desire to invest in the theatre.

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The festival features performances from different styles and schools of theatre. This year, the festival hosts university theatre productions from the Netherlands, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt and Lebanon.

In addition, several plays and concerts will be presented along with theatre workshops, presentations and talks with professionals from Lebanon and other countries.

Performances will be hosted in Gulbenkian and Irwin theatres, outdoors and closed halls.

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Admission is free.

For more information, please contact 01-78 64 64 ext: 1172 /