“Post-Liberal Peace Potential”

Nicol 119, Beirut campus

Dr. Imad Salamey, associate professor in the Social Sciences Department is hosting a lecture on “Post-Liberal Peace Potential in the MENA Region” by guest speaker Dr. Victoria Fontan, associate professor of peace and conflict studies at the University for Peace, Costa Rica.

Fontan’s original specialization has been in insurgency studies, focusing on the role of humiliation in relation to the emergence of insurgencies, mostly in a Middle Eastern context. She has published on Lebanon and Iraq, and have worked on both countries for the first ten years of her academic career.

She is now shifting specializations from critical terrorism studies toward developing a decolonizing approach to peace and conflict studies, emerging from a post-liberal peace paradigm.

For more information on Dr. Fontan, please click here.

All are welcome to attend.