TEDxLAU 2013 - #TheCrossRoad

Gulbenkian Theatre, Beirut campus

This September, 12 enthusiastic speakers are packing their bags with the best tales-to-tell and are heading to #TheCrossRoad of TEDxLAU. Each with his/her own “once upon a time”, they are ready to fascinate you with what has made them who they are. So expect to be at an intersection of similar, and sometimes very different minds, and watch them meet.

This year, we are excited to embrace this diversity and deliver it to you. This is a way to help you reach a point of true discovery, where you ask the “Why” and “How” of things. This is where ideas are exchanged, and this is how they become truly contagious.

Registration is from August 1-30, and tickets are $10 for confirmed participants.

At TEDxLAU, you won’t be an “attendee” but an engaged participant!

To apply, please click here.

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