“Contemporary Arab-American Drama and Performance”

BB 904, Beirut campus

The Humanities Department is hosting a lecture on “Contemporary Arab-American Drama and Performance” by internationally renowned Distinguished Professor in Drama and Theater Dr. Marvin Carlson, City University of New York.

The lecture will show how since 9/11 there has been a remarkable growth of Arab-American theatre in the United States, providing an important new ethic expression especially in New York, which has always been a center of theatre stemming from immigrant communities.  This address will provide an overview of this work with particular attention to Lebanese-Americans Leila Buck and Kathryn Haddad, Palestinian-American Betty Shamieh, Iraqi-American Heather Raffo , Egyptian-American Yussef El Guindi and the important contemporary tradition of Arab-American stand-up comedy.  The leading companies producing such theatre will also be discussed.

Please click here if you wish to get more information about Dr. Carlson, and here for more information about the event.