“Bolivarianismo After Chavez”

Irwin B Conference Room, Beirut campus

The Social Sciences Department is organizing a lecture to be given by faculty member Dr. Latife Reda, entitled “Bolivarianismo after Chavez: Antecedents of Venezuela’s Ideological Crisis”. 

The strength of the Bolivarian revolution or Bolivarianismo in Venezuela lies in its charismatic leadership, the promotion of a new political identity for the country, the use of symbols and discursive tools, the appeal of the principles and traditions of the left, and the history of Venezuela and Latin America. Bolivarian ideology in Venezuela revolves around the image of Hugo Chavez, whose populist discourse had placed him at the center of a personality cult. Although the Bolivarian movement has no equal counterpart in the country, the loss of its leader, the economic adjustments and the ongoing economic and political crisis may inevitably lead to a decline in the popularity of “chavismo.” This talk discusses the nature and evolution of the Bolivarian discourse in Venezuela, and the impact of socialist economic reform, the subsequent crisis and the death of Chavez on the future of Bolivarian ideology in the country.

The lecture will be made available on the Byblos campus on Block A 710-71 via videoconferencing. 

All are welcome to attend.