“The Empathizing/Systemizing Brain”

Wadad Said Khoury (formerly LRC) SCT 201, Beirut campus

The Department of English Language Instruction is organizing a lecture entitled “The Empathizing/Systemizing Brain: Promoting Learning Success Through Motivational Techniques and Induced Neuroplasticity” by faculty member Deema Dakakni. 

Current research seems to indicate that performance, indeed, the inclination towards academically engaging in fields such as Humanities or STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is a product of Systemizing/Empathizing brain dichotomies. What this means is that the human brain can diverge in its cognitive functioning and understanding of the Humanities and Arts -or STEM fields. Similarly, the corpus of literature at hand posits that in fact, academic tendencies can be modeled, if not almost altered altogether, through variegated enhanced motivational/hormonal techniques promoting neuroplasticity; this, in turn, would foster an overall enhanced state of learning-towards either of the fields, or both.

All are welcome to attend.