Design to Impact

ARC graphic design studio 502, Byblos campus

The Department of Graphic Design is hosting a workshop entitled “Design to Impact” as part of their Spring talks and workshops series. The workshop will be presented by Dennis Meulenbroeks, founder of the T+HUIS, Aike Heuvelink, designer at T+HUIS, and Yara Al Adib, a Lebanese graphic design graduate who is currently working in the Netherlands as a researcher for T+HUIS. 

This workshop aims to shed a light on the impact of using design thinking as a method to come about constructive change. Within today’s massive and competitive market, businesses are continuously attempting to differentiate their brands (value proposition), aiming on creating better customer loyalty and brand experience. A successful approach to come about this is the process of constructive thought and action, called design thinking; today’s buzz word within the design sphere. Design thinking, as an approach to problem solving, consists of finding the right balance between the technical feasibility, business viability, and human desirability of a product/ service. It’s an optimistic, constructive, and experiential process that addresses the needs of the people who will consume a product/service, the infrastructure that enables it, and the network working around it. Students will work with a NGO so they have a real case study that they tackle. The NGO will be one that is working with the Syrian Refugee Children. The projects designed within the workshop will then be exhibited at Beirut Design Week.

This event is free and open to all students within the Graphic Design program at LAU. Priority will be given to students who attend the workshop as part of a course requirement otherwise, registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. The workshop is limited to 23 students. Students should register for the workshop by sending an email to: with the following information: student name, ID number and phone number.

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