“Reflections from the 20th TESOL Arabia International Conference”

Business Building 904, Beirut campus

The Department of English Language Instruction is organizing a lecture entitled “Reflections from the 20th TESOL Arabia International Conference” to be given by English instructor Samira A. Shami. 

The presenter will highlight the topics of some of the presentations she attended at the Dubai conference, while focusing on her own presentation.  She will summarize “The Seven Pillars of Creativity” by Carol Read, which focuses on strategies for encouraging creativity in the classroom; “Engaging Students with the Interactive Notebook” by Guy Stielitz, showing how the interactive notebook can encourage learning and motivation in the classroom; and “Emotional Engagement of Adult Learners” by Herbert Puchta, emphasizing the role of positive emotional engagement in the learning process.  She will then present her own talk at the conference, “Rubrics as an Integral Teaching Tool.”

Shami has taught English for a great many years in the U.S. and in Lebanon, in addition to three years in Dubai.  She has also coordinated English programs in the U.S. and in Lebanon and has done extensive work in editing and in teacher training.

All are welcome to attend.