“Non-functional Features in Service Selection”

Frem 203, Byblos campus

The Department of Computer Science and Mathematics is hosting a lecture entitled “Non-functional Features In Service Selection” by Dr. Joyce El-Haddad, Assistant Professor in LAMSADE laboratory at the Paris Dauphine University in France

Service selection is an important step of the service composition process. Multiple services functionally equivalent might be offered by different providers but characterized by different non functional properties such as Quality of Service (QoS) values (e.g. execution price, success rate) and transactional properties. Since the QoS and the transactional properties of the selected services has an impact on the QoS and the transactional property of the produced composite service, the best set of services to be selected is the set that maximize the QoS of the composite service while satisfying the end-user transactional need. Many approaches have been proposed for the service selection problem, which has been formulated as an optimization problem. In this talk we will first overview some optimization techniques and their application to the service selection problem, then present a service selection approach based not only on functional requirements but also on QoS and transactional properties.

All are welcome to attend.