Education “Why is Critical Thinking the #1 Desired Skill Employers Look For?”

Business Building 903, Beirut campus

The Department of Education is organizing a lecture entitled “Why is critical thinking the #1 desired skill employers look for?” by Dr. Ahmed Samarji, from Victoria University in Melbourne. 

Dr. Samarji is an academic at the College of Education, Victoria University, Melbourne. His diverse expertise and interests in education includes: STEM education, forensic science and forensic medicine education, ICT in education (ICTE), internationalisation of the curriculum, and higher education role in knowledge management and sustainable growth. He pays particular interest in the education and training relating to the 21st century generic skills essential for job-ready graduates. Samarji is currently the Vice President of the Mathematical Association of Victoria and is an International Board Member and Education Consultant for the New Mediterranean Association for Forensic Sciences.

The presentation will engage students (of various majors), academics, employers and members of the community. It  will briefly list the most desired skills employers seek in the second  decade of the 21st century with a particular focus on critical thinking as being the leading skill. The presentation will also explore opportunities students can benefit from whilst on campus to develop their critical thinking capabilities.
All are welcome to attend.