“Sources of Pollution in Beirut for Better or for Worse”

Beirut campus, Byblos campus

The Department of Natural Sciences is hosting a seminar entitled “Sources of Pollution in Beirut for Better or for Worse” guest speaker Dr. Najat Saliba, Professor of Chemistry and Chairperson of the Chemistry Department at the American University of Beirut.

The seminar will be available in Jamil Iskandar on the Byblos campus and in Irwin Hall Conference B on the Beirut campus.
Dr. Saliba will be discussing how, n the absence of governmental or economic resources to enforce air quality standard regulations, we are struggling to find clean air to breath at home, in traffic, and in recreational outlets such as cafes and restaurants.  Her studies look into individual exposures of NO2, Particulate Matter (PM) and some major toxins emitted from vehicles, diesel generators and water pipe smoke. The questions she will pose are the following:
As a water pipe smoker or not, at home, work or on the road, how much carcinogenic materials are you exposed to on daily basis? What measures can you take to protect yourself? What do you want to do to combat air pollution?

All are welcome to attend.