“Music Therapy”

Business Building 904, Beirut campus

The Department of Social Sciences is hosting a lecture entitled “Music Therapy,” to be given by Ms. April Centrone. Centrone is the executive director and co-founder of the New York Arabic Orchestra, directed by Bassam Saba. In fall of 2009, Centrone participated as a teaching artist and consultant for Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Connect (NYC), a year-round world-education initiative for public school 6th-graders, and serves as Musicians For Harmony’s Lead Teaching Artist, where she directs M4H’s Music of the World, a 6-week program for inner-city youths featuring guest artists from 5 different world traditions.

Centrone holds workshops and classes for both adults and children of all ages, and has lectured at universities including Berklee School of Music and Cleveland Institute of Music. Currently, Centrone leads an Arabic music education/heritage project with Nisreen Nasser, largely serving youth of refugee camps and underprivileged zones, called Project Roots Lebanon.

The 1-hour presentation will focus on drawing comparisons between the modern use and ancient derivatives of Music Therapy. Present-day methods of Music Therapy and popular settings will be addressed, inviting students, psychologists and musicians to visualize their contribution to this broad field. The presentation will highlight the origins of Music Therapy and how many such old traditions are still utilized today. The instructor will give a special demonstration of ancient drum therapy.

All are welcome to attend.