Education Conference: “LAU and Levant Distributors Continuing Professional Development for Schools”

Beirut campus

The Department of Education is holding the annual Continuing Professional Development for Schools event in conjunction with Levant Distributors. 

This event aims to expose school principals, coordinators, and teachers to the latest in the educational field. While this is taking place, Levant Distributors will host event publishers from around the globe. Samples of the latest in the book field will be available during these two days. Please click here for the program and for more information, including the forms. 

Schools may send as many participants as they want (participation in this event is free of charge).

To register, please follow these instructions: 

1-      Send the attached registration form by email to

2-      Send the attached registration form by fax to LAU, attention Dr. Rima Bahous on 01-867098

3-      Call at 01-867099 (EXT. 1915)  

Registration closes by Monday, February 23, 2015.