“DNA Methylation Patterns of LINE-1 in Health and Disease”

Beirut campus, Byblos campus

The Department of Natural Sciences is hosting a seminar titled “DNA Methylation Patterns of LINE-1 in Health and Disease,” to be given by guest speaker Dr. Osman El Maarri from the University of Bonn.

The lecture will be available in Science 608 on the Byblos campus and Dr. Najla Atiyah 1301 in the Riyad Nassar Library, Beirut campus.

Abstract: DNA methylation patterns show considerable variability in human. ‘Natural’ factors influencing variability in DNA methylation include tissue-specificity, age, sex, diet, environmental conditions, DNA polymorphisms, etc… While diseases like cancer, aneuploidies, imprinting disorders, etc … also induce abnormal methylation patterns. Promoter region of LINE-1 repeats harbor a CpG island that is prone to DNA methylation. A degenerate LINE-1 promoter methylation assay is widely used as surrogate for gnome wide methylation levels. Indeed hypomethylation of LINE-1 is widely observed in tumor tissues. In this talk I will discuss effect of chromosome constitution and sex on the LINE-1 methylation levels and patterns of healthy samples and describe the patterns of global and loci-specific LINE-1 methylation in common tumors.  

All are welcome to attend.