Symposium: “New Research Trends in Nanotechnology”

Business Building 903, Beirut campus

The Department of Natural Sciences is organizing a symposium titled “New Research Trends in Nanotechnology”

The speakers are:


  • Dr. Lara Halaoui, Department of Chemistry, American University of Beirut. Amplification of Light Energy Conversion in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Quantum Dot Solar Cells by Trapping Light in Photonic Crystals
  • Dr. Ahmad Kabbani, Department of Natural Sciences, Lebanese American University. Ambient mechanochemical reaction of differently functionalized carbon nanotubes leading to their unzipping
  • Dr. Walid Saad, Department of Chemical Engineering, American University of Beirut. Nanotechnology for Drug Delivery: Drug Nanoparticle Formation via Flash Nanoprecipitation
  • Dr. Charbel Madi, Department of Physics, American University of Beirut. Large scale self-organized nano-patterning under ion-beam irradiation: Experiment, theory and potential applications

For more information, click here.

All are welcome to attend.